Converting your Skills to Cash - Part II

03 February 2011
money treeThis is now the second leg of our marathon preview of how you can cash in on your skills.  Having great written communication skills will benefit you in your online job ventures. However, don't despair when your writing skills barely hit the passing mark. The world's not going to end with that!

Some online opportunities don't require you to be the ultimate grammar guru.  A functional command of the English language will suffice. What matters most to clients is that you can deliver the job. Not all online jobs are textual in nature anyway. See if your skill set is in demand online.


You spew numbers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You see dollar signs from trash. You've got a supportive network of friends who are eager to spread the word on your latest ventures.

The perfect job for you is selling. Put up an online store today and get ready to cash in on your wares. Even hand-me-down clothes will be a cinch for you to sell -- thanks to your fantastic marketing skills. A lot of pet breeders and lady shoppers just post photos of their goodies (with the price info and payment details)  on free advertising sites and have made a fine income from selling online. Better yet, establish an online presence at zero costs by having your own website. Take your pick from Weebly, Multiply and Blogger.

Sure, there are bogus buyers to deal with, but those scums are part of the trade. Brush up on scam detection and prevention, and make sure you keep your reputation as an online seller sterling. 


You're patient and you've got sufficient know-how to qualify for the title "guru." Between figuring out what went wrong down to offering a number of solutions and explaining their pros and cons, you generate a common heart-warming response from your audience, "You make it sound so simple!"

The perfect job position for you is an online coach. You'll be surprised at how much people are actually willing to spend for one-on-one tutorial services on programming, SEO optimization, statistics and mathematics. Postings for private tutors are often found in online classifieds such as Craigslist.

Alternately, if you're very "hands-on" with computers, you have the option to find employment as an IT support staff. Majority of help desk positions require you to report to the office. A freelance option would be to get paid to post technical advice in sites such as Cross Loop. 


You love to talk, talk and talk! You have an opinion on almost everything. The way you express yourself is so contagious that people want to interact with you.

The perfect job position for you is an online conversation teacher. Most Chinese, Japanese and Korean kids prefer to call your online conversations (on Skype) as oral English lessons. However, the work involved is far from teaching the language in the conventional way. You basically get paid by the hour to carry on a conversation or two that will allow your student to become comfortable communicating in English.

Some language schools have tie-up online tutorial programs. Most of the time, you'll get your clients via personal referral, but a quick visit to Dave's ESL Cafe and Gaijin Pots should help too.

Some pep talk until the next blog entry: Any work that you do becomes an easy online job when you have the necessary skills to complete a project.

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