Cookie Boy - Watch Cat

11 February 2011
Cookie Boy and his bat
Cat on patrol. Cookie Boy winks at the press.
An unidentified bat that had wandered into Teecup Limited headquarters met an untimely demise this week. 

There were no blood stains, bite marks and  other physical evidence to suggest that a fight had ensued, said the cat on guard.

"The thing just froze to death," disclosed Cookie Boy. 

The only masculine member of teecup's pack of non-pedigree cats was on patrol when he discovered the body.

He denied attacking the bat and said that he found the corpse after chasing roaches. 

"As much as I would like to take credit for the kill, I'm not a bat slayer," the cat said.

Though docile to humans, Cookie Boy is notorious for his hunting prowess in the animal world. 

dead bat
Mr Bat up-close. Blind, petrified and very dead.
Rodent communities began labeling him as "Public Enemy No. 1" when he turned 6 months old. 

The cat also fought snakes during his pest control stint at the home of teecup's then beau.

Cookie Boy holds a variety of positions at Teecup Limited: watch cat, resident fat cat and tuna hogger.
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