Profiting from Blogging - Fact or Fiction?

17 February 2011
blogging pen and moneySince the founding of Teecup Limited, a number of people have asked me for suggestions on where to find a job online that young people can do and a job online that doesn't require intense work commitments. 

To sign up with Microworkers was my quick response. The site pays you for completing easy tasks.

This week however, I realized that young people are actually more interested in developing their skills and in cashing in on their talents over the long term. Menial tasks don't give you long-term benefits. This is why I thought of writing about profiting from blogging. Is it as profitable as others say? Or are some people merely lying about the figures they earn?

Blogging Trivia

"Blog is a phased out word," a colleague told me. She flashed me a book written by some UP professor that listed the phrase as indeed obsolete. Well, I beg to disagree. The term is very much in use today.

"Blog" is simply a short cut for the longer phrase "web log." Blogging is the act of maintaining  and updating your own blog (a personal website of some sorts).

There are no hard and fast rules on what to include in your blog.

  • Some bloggers prefer to record their daily reflections, and share photos and videos. Their blogs have a "diary" feel to them as the writers narrate their life story like an open book.

  • Other bloggers write about one particular topic only -- experts call that theme a "niche" -- while sharing their expertise to interested readers.

  • A few more combine personal writing with selling. It's not surprising for a blog on cellphones to also sell mobile phones or phone cards.

Profiting from Blogging

So, moving on to the million-dollar question that's probably tickling your mind right now, is profiting from blogging possible? The answer would depend on how you define profit.

Equating Profit with Money

Cash-wise, I would not say that blogging pays very well but may become a passive source of income.

Large and popular blogs are able to get money. Like newspapers, hugely popular blog sites generate income from advertisements.  Ads continue to be the lifeblood of the media.

Small blogs may earn a few cents a day or a month -- and only upon enrollment in income-generating programs such as Google Adsense, Adbrite, Chitika, Kontera or Adgitize.

Equating Profit with Non-Monetary Gains

Subtracting crispy cash from the equation, I would say blogging is the way to go for writers of any level.

  • It builds your confidence (and your writing speed).

  • It polishes your writing skills.

  • It serves as your writing portfolio for potential clients.

  • It helps you gain online friends who share your interests.

  • It lets you feel more connected to the online community.

  • It inspires you to learn new things such as coding and SEO.

  • It allows you to channel your energies more productively.

When you think about it, blogging is not exactly a regular job online but more of a hobby and a labor of love.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, note that signing up with Microworkers using the given link will earn me a referral bonus.

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