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31 January 2011
easy jobs over coffee and computersI used to shun the phrase "easy online jobs." Many of them reek of scam. However, if there's one such thing as the exception, it's got to be Microworkers.

The site pays you for completing small tasks (hence the fitting name "microwork"): like a site, post a comment, subscribe to a YouTube video and sundry.

In a recent survey, PTC Investigations affirmed that Microworkers is a legit paying site. This ruling was backed by a number of testimonials from other freelancers who posted proof of their earnings.

One common rant: The rates are very low.

If you're wondering whether or not you should give Microworkers a try, here's what you need to know:


Microworkers doesn't require you to be an Internet superstar or a resident of a particular country. Having your own blog site and a YouTube account will come in handy, but at the basic level, you only need a couple of things to start working: 

  1. A valid e-mail address
  2. A verified account with PayPal, MoneyBookers or AlertPay


Painless and straightforward are some words that aptly describe the registration process and work terms. There's no bidding, job application or waiting involved! As a microworker, you just have to:

    Microworker jobs
  1. Sign up with Microworkers. Supply your full name, country of residence and e-mail address. The site doesn't allow multiple accounts under one person.

  2. Browse the available tasks and pick one that you like. There's an average of 50 tasks that you can choose from - ranging from YouTube votes, Facebook likes, form completion and comment posting.

  3. Complete the task and submit proof. Providing evidence of the completed work may involve  submitting a link, your username or some screen shots to the campaign starter. This varies with the type of task you signed up for.

  4. Get paid. There is a waiting time of 30 days for the funds to reach your end. The payment is then accumulated in your Microworkers account. Don't expect to get paid that much for doing easy jobs though.

    The pay starts from $0.10 (for liking Facebook pages and YouTube videos) and gets as high as $4.00. (for posting blog comments -- but only if your blog site is popular).

  5. Cash out. You'll need to verify your PayPal account if you want to cash out your earnings.You can transfer your Microworker funds to PayPal once you earn $9. However, if you're referring friends, tell them to wait until their earnings reach $25 before cashing out so you can collect the $1 referral fee.  

Blog site owners and budding business tycoons can also make use of Microworkers to launch campaigns to boost their page rank, drive traffic and increase online visibility. Whether you're a potential employee or employer, Microworkers has something good to offer.

Pros vs. Cons

For now, it's safe to say that Microworkers is a legit paying site.

Ease of signing up and the convenience of getting paid for doing easy online jobs in less than 5 minutes are the top reasons that users like the site.

Since you get a preview of what's needed to complete a task, you reduce the pressure of forcing yourself to deliver a job that you don't like. 

On the downside, payout isn't instant and the rates aren't what you'd exactly consider as lucrative. Like Google Adsense, the site will send your PIN for cashing out via snail mail. All the same, the moolah you make with Microworkers might just be much better than what paid-to-click sites offer. 
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