Cookie Boy - Furminator Model

10 February 2011
Cookie Boy and his furminator

Ready for some grooming. Cookie Boy positions himself on the table, waiting to be furminated. He loves the activity -- or maybe he doesn't. I wouldn't know, since he never protests. He just purrs and closes his eyes like a docile little baby. The book "Cat Watching" by Desmond Morris mentioned that a cat purr can only mean one of two things: Either the kitty is in pain or the kitty likes the sensation.

A furminator is a de-shedding tool which looks like a comb with thick metal teeth. It is actually used to replace the brush and does a better job of removing loose hair. To prevent accidents, the metal teeth should be covered with the plastic protector when the furminator is not used.

The thing is heavy for its size and looks like a very nasty weapon. Cookie Boy is posing with one such object. Can you identify the furminator on the picture?
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