Where to Win Big in Online Contests

21 February 2011
pot of gold
Are you looking for your pot of gold?
(photo credit: Mandie Lancaster)

If you found yesterday's list of contest sites for creative people a bit incomplete, I don't blame you.

You probably want to know more about the sites, right?  For instance, can you trust them? Do they really pay? How much moolah will contest winners receive?

This post will show you where to win big in online contests. That is -- when you have the right skills to whip up something creative and efficient for the paying client.

Small Online Contests
  • recommended for beginners and individuals who hold a full-time job
  • average starting pay-out: $5 to $30
  • competition: some busy experts, many newbies and inexperienced competitors
  • sites of interest:
    • Digital Point
    • NamePros
    • The V7 Network
    • Tycoon Talk

Mid-Level Online Contests
  • recommended for experienced graphics artists
  • average starting pay-out: $100 and up
  • competition: few gutsy newbies, plenty of experienced competitors
  • sites of interest:
    • Astada
    • DesignCrowd
    • Hatchwise
    • Logomyway
    • MycroBurst (starts with $180, with some projects reaching up to $1,000)

High-Paying Online Contests
  • recommended for experts
  • average starting pay-out: $500 and up
  • competition: few mid-level artists, plenty of experts
  • sites of interest:
    • 99 Designs
    • If you know any other high-paying contest sites, then please help me update this list. Thank you!

The list was highly recommended by an anonymous graphics artist. He said he purposely excluded "small fish" from the top 10 list, because clients prefer to post their visual content needs in sites frequented by more (quality) participants.

As you make your way to these contest sites for creative people, take note: The higher the prizes,at stake, the greater the competition. Choose your battles wisely, and may the best designer win!
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