Top 10 Contest Sites for Creative People

21 February 2011
colorful roses - powerful web visuals
Web images attract audiences like honey to a bee.
(photo credit: Petr Kratochvil)
Nine in every 10 people say that a powerful  image attracts them to a website and increases their viewing time on a page. 

If you are good at Illustrator or Photoshop, online businesses need you. You can quickly cash in on your creative skills by joining  online contests. 

Win a contest and you grab the prize money. Lose a contest and you still have something beautiful to add to your creative portfolio. 

Where exactly can you find and meet these businesses? Chances are they are lingering behind a fancy pseudonym in the following contest sites for creative people:

99 Designs
 Digital Point
TycoonTalkThe V7 Network

Big or small, websites and blog sites today recognize the value of a superb graphic design, logo design or image. Traditional print journalism itself frowns upon a gray mass - a purely textual page - and recommends the use of a relevant photo to ease the eyes and improve the look of the paper. 

Meeting the demand for good visuals for the web requires the right set of skills. When you know you've got what it takes to deliver amazing images, logos and banners, don't wait for businessmen to approach you. You know where to find them. Check out the top 10 contest sites for creative people like you today, and reap the rewards of online freelancing.* 
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