Converting your Skills to Cash - Part III

04 February 2011
You could say that yesterday's highlighted skills are for extroverts and glib talkers whose capital investment for landing an easy online job is their smooth PR. Nevertheless, the internet is home to all sorts of netizens and personalities. Loudmouths don't always get to dominate the money-making business. In fact, the silent types have also been making waves -- not with their lips but with their fat paychecks and portfolio.

20, 50 and 100 dollar bills
How much are your skills worth?
(photo credit: Anna Cervova)

Some online work involve less talking, less writing and less people skills.  These talk-less-code-more jobs are what we'll go over today. The list is short and sweet, since I'm not a technocrat. The purpose of this entry is merely to give you a general idea on what skills you can cash in on in the World Wide Web.


You may not be good with pastels, water color and oil in real life, but you have a penchant for the visual arts with the use of your mouse and tablet.

The perfect job for you is designing. You have a variety of channels where you can express your creativity profitably -- whether it's designing book covers, lay outing websites and creating banners and logos.

As you will be working from home and with your computer, it's a given that you have a functional know-how of popular software such as Creative Suite, Adobe InDesign and CorelDraw. This skill often goes hand in hand with graphics. Knowledge of Flash will come in handy for animation projects. 


You are usually thrifty with words but very adept with codes, symbols and conventions.

The perfect job for you is obviously programming. Programmers are indispensable to online businesses. You'll make a fine living out of your skills when you brush up on programming languages that are in demand today: C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Perl and Python.

Experienced programmers don't spend their entire lives coding (but you can if you want to). They move up the career and salary ladder. For an even higher pay, you could be overseeing a team of programmers in the future while you catch spaghettis and decide over which  programs make the cut or not. 

Photo Editing

You like to play with lighting, color, contrast and interesting visuals. You feel the urge to crop unnecessary details from an image. You know Adobe Photoshop like the back of your hand.

The perfect job for you is photo editing. Sure, there will still be some cropping involved, but the bulk of the work is really geared towards artistic taste. Some online jobs merely require you to blur blemishes and sundry. Others need you to create a brand-new piece of art from a variety of images.

You can also use your photo editing skills to become your own boss. A number of enterprising individuals have established their own online businesses by creating banners, logos, tarps, wedding invitations and cartoons. There's even one who charges premium rates for doing anime-inspired photo edits.  

Does photo editing, programming or designing sound like an easy online job for you? These skills are in demand today. If you haven't considered working from home, perhaps now would be a good time to reconsider.

Tip for the Fresh Graduate: If you're one of the thousands of unemployed new graduates this year,  remember that you can always hire yourself and make money from your programming, designing or graphic skills.

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