Yahoo suggests switching from MyBlogLog to Yahoo Pulse

27 February 2011
MyBlogLog widget
Neither MyBlogLog's statistical tool nor the link tracker is working. Only the special customizable widget (shown on the left) remains functional in a number of blogs I visited the past few days. Will the sleek mobile-phone-looking widget be the only reminder of a blogging community that once buzzed with activity?

May 24 is still three months away, but since its recent statement on discontinuing MyBlogLog soon, Yahoo has been encouraging community members to make the switch from MyBlogLog to Yahoo Pulse.

Yahoo Pulse is basically Yahoo Profile rebranded. Users describe it as a cross between Twitter, Facebook and Friendster. Some find Yahoo Pulse "non-user friendly" and "worse than Google buzz." Others praise it for simplicity and social media connectivity.

Unlike in MyBlogLog where you can make a community from your Blogger, Word Press or self-hosted sites, you are "stuck" with limited blogging options with Yahoo Pulse. Case in point: If you want to leave your blogging footprint within the Yahoo system without submitting your site to the directory, you'll need to start a new blog from scratch. This sounds very Friendster to me -- minus the glitzy customizing options.

Will I switch from MyBlogLog to Yahoo Pulse? Technically, my account with Yahoo gives me automatic access to the Pulse page, BUT my profile remains untouched. Yahoo's habit of discontinuing features every now and then just gives me the creeps. I'd rather spend my efforts elsewhere than build something that might be taken away from me... again.

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