MyBlogLog to officially die on May 24

26 February 2011
MyBlogLog dies
A fearless forecast made in 2009 comes true in 2011.
(photo credit: Petr Kratochvil)
As predicted in the late 2009 by bloggers, Yahoo will cut ties with MyBlogLog. The official death of MyBlogLog is expected on May 24 this year, Yahoo revealed this week.

Founded by Todd Sampson and Eric Marcoullier, MyBlogLog  is one of the pioneering social networking communities that allow bloggers to connect better with their readers.

The community offers a free widget that you can install on your blog site to "see" the avatars of your visitors and discover "who is checking you out."

Another popular feature integrated into MyBlogLog  (and my personal favorite) is a detailed analytics spread on where your readers come from, what they are viewing, and what links they clicked last before leaving your blog site ala Google's in-page analytics simplified.

With the proliferation of similar widgets taking over the net though, there's no telling how members of MyBlogLog will  react.

The community is not the first to be axed by Yahoo. As reported at CNet News, the death row at Yahoo is apt to be a long one -- and all for the sake of cost cutting. Already slashed and soon-to-be-dropped features include All the Web, Alta Vista, Delicious, Mash, Yahoo 360, Yahoo Buzz and Yahoo Picks.

Below is a screen shot of Yahoo's official announcement:

Yahoo's service announcement on MyBlogLog
My stay with MyBlogLog has been short and sweet. I've made a few loyal friends in the community and will miss the camaraderie. I do not wish to think that MyBlogLog will die like a bubble. Yahoo's announcement sounds rather like an official divorce statement and not a death sentence.
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