Teecup's 1st Monthsary

05 February 2011
     Cheers, Teecup Limited
teecup's 1st monthsary
This blog is a labor of love. Kampai to a wonderful start.
(photo credit: Jon Luty)

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Thank you very much for the steady following, guys. What a pleasant surprise!

I've been getting raised eyebrows with the way "teecup" is spelled. Do note that teecup is not a typo for teacup. Neither is the term inspired from golf. In this blog, teecup is really spelled with two Es, simply because Tee is one of my nicknames (and my real name starts with a T). 

The "cup" bit is easy to figure out. A mug or a cup is part of my everyday look and life. I really can't make it through the day without coffee (wink).
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