7 Ways to Appreciate Writers

14 February 2011
hearts of writers
Have you thanked a writer today?
(photo credit: Yana Ray)

What do you do when you come up with an interesting piece of material? Do you simply save the page and continue site hopping? Or do you take the time to appreciate writers behind the keyboard?

The copywriters often use conversions and sales to gauge the effectiveness of their copies.

Most bloggers get ballpark figures from Google Analytics in order to gain insight on visitor loyalty, trends and preferences.

Needless to say, the rewards of writing are not purely monetary in nature. A simple "Thank you" or "I love your piece" from the reading public would make anyone's day.

Although not many writers explicitly ask for your support, they do value reader response greatly. Not only does hearing from the audience increase the popularity of a written piece, but the act also serves as an excellent diagnostic tool for writing improvement, content selection and textual presentation.

So, how exactly do you appreciate writers or their content without reaching for your wallet? There are 7 ways to show your support:

  1. Cast your vote. Rate the work. "Like" or "favorite" the entry.

  2. Write a review or a full-length testimonial.

  3. Post a comment or a compliment.

  4. Become a regular visitor, follower or subscriber.

  5. Attribute the author when you use an excerpt of the work.

  6. Link back to the writer's site.

  7. Spread the word to your social network.

It really doesn't take that much to appreciate writers. A fan following and sincere reader response are some of the best gifts that you can bestow on your favorite writer or write-up.

Happy Hearts Day, everyone! 

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