Munchkin - the Color of My Love

08 March 2011
Munchkin - Teecup's catI stumbled upon John Chow's blog today. A guest post suggested that in order to deal with the onset of a blog writer's block, you should try to (1) find a quiet place to write, (2) consider commenting on other people's posts for inspiration (3) give blind writing a try or (4) take a break.

I responded by saying that my cats help me fight the dreaded blog writer's block... and you've seen the proof over the past few days: Munchkin is all over Teecup Limited! Whenever I feel pressed for time to churn out a decent quality blog post, I simply rummage through my stock of cat images, select a few and upload them to the site as stand-alone blog entries. A few photo series every now gives me a break and my readers some eye candy.

For your viewing pleasure, here is Munchkin once more in a photo series that I call as "the Color of My Love."

Munchkin and the color of love
Munchkin is well loved.
Teecup loves Munchkin.

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