8 Work-from-Home Buddies for Busy Bees

01 March 2011
busy bee
Are you too busy to run a home?
(photo credit: Karat Radi)
I'm not a super woman. I believe in the saying that nobody can serve two masters equally well at the same time. However, I strongly think that juggling a freelance career and full-time home-making is so much easier today than it was yesterday.

So, how do I get by everyday with what I do? My secret is no secret really. I rely on a few buddies to help me do all the household work in record time.

While some die-hard full-time homemakers think that hiring a stay-in maid is tantamount to cheating, note that my tactics lean on the softer side, hehehe. My 8 favorite work-from-home buddies are:

  1. The Furminator. I snagged one for my cats for less than P1,500 (roughly 30 bucks). The furminator is a  metal comb-like device for de-shedding animals. Thanks to the furminator, there's less fur clinging on the sofa seats and on the bed where my feline poopsie love to laze around.  More importantly, having a furminator lessened my pets' visits to the vet. Vanilla, Munchkin and Cookie Boy have their own sleeping basket, but they just couldn't resist snuggling with their human masters.

  2. A Vacuum Cleaner. This one is a must for anyone who shares his home with a furry friend. The vacuum cleaner sucks hair, dirt, dust and fur and makes sure that they stay inside the bag (until emptied). For a time, I tried using the ordinary broom stick, yet the results were not satisfactory. Whenever the wind would blow to and fro. I would see most of my hairs and dirt vandalizing the floor again. Apart from vacuuming the floor, I also use the gadget on the couch, kitchen seats and quilt.

  3. A Washing Machine. My mom wouldn't have it any other way, and I fully agree with her. Whether your employer requires you to spend hours daily clicking your mouse or typing some articles, you'd want to take care of one of your most precious bodily investments: your hands. A fully automatic washing machine considerably lightens your work load by taking care of the soaping, rinsing, squeezing and drying. Fully automatic machines are trusty and don't require additional supervision.

  4. A Microwave Oven. Yeah, I cringed when a novel by Stephen King suggested that microwaves fry women's ovaries, but what can I do? Food preparation and cooking skills don't run very well in my blood. So instead of spending hours everyday to whip up a culinary masterpiece, I stock up on food (good for a group), left-overs and canned watchamacallits. Then, come lunch and dinner time, I simply plate the food, cover with a paper towel, stuff the dish into the microwave and push start. Ta dah!

  5. An EON Cyber Account. Commuting to payment centers is one of the most time-consuming activities in the domestic world. With the exception of my electric bill and water bill, I take care of my utility obligations online. Unionbank's EON cyber account allows me to schedule automatic payments to a number of billers including Smart Bro and Insular Life. The transfer is instant, documented and safe. I like the fact that  no service charges are deducted against my account. Online payments helped me delegate the time spent commuting to more productive and comfortable hours writing.

  6. Mr. Muscle. Frankly, I couldn't imagine life without this cleaning brand. The complete line of products are shelved in the cupboard for my daily cleaning needs. I use Mr. Muscle to spray the kitchen, bathroom , toilet and floor clean. I even use one variant to unclog lazy drains. The wipe-and-leave-dry convenience of the product is a tough act to beat. So while it's a bit pricey, the time-saving bargain is worth the cough-up. 

  7. Elvie. No, Elvie is not a gadget. She's the lady who tidies up the house every few weeks or so. With her entering school this June and returning to her hometown for good, I will need to look for an equally able replacement who can do the chores sans any micro instructions.

  8. Ramil. He's not a gadget either. He's our on-call gardener. He works full-time as a pedicab driver. He does the grass clipping and lawn cleanup. Our yard is not huge in the first place. So, Ramil spends half a day (max) to clean up the yard, trim the grass and clip the bushes.
No, I'm not a super woman, but I can be efficient in my dual roles as homemaker and full-time freelancer with the help of my favorite work-from-home buddies. If you're a guru on a life subject called work and home balance, feel free to share your secrets here.
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