Calling all Blogs with Comment Luv

17 March 2011
love letter photo
Send some love with Comment Luv.
(photo credit: Petr Kratochvil)
Sorry I'm breaking my promise about reverting to the work-from-home topics today. I don't care if I'm wearing Pinocchio's nose! I'm going to let Comment Luv for Bloggers linger on Teecup Limited for a while.

As you can tell, I'm still on a high with my latest toy... err plug-in. That's right... Teecup is gaga over Comment Luv! If you haven't installed the free widget already, then you're missing out on a lot of things. If you have the plug-in enabled on your blog, then I'm interested in your site.

So here's the deal. Post a comment here, say a few words about your niche or general interest, and I'll invite myself to your blog site. Blogs with Comment Luv will receive VIP treatment from me.  VIP treatment translated: visits, comments and maybe a fan following. ♥

Teecup's Blog Hopping List
Blogs with Comment Luv

  1. Blog@jDonuts - a blog about blogging by Contamination
  2. My FlyFF Blog - a blog about the game FlyFF by Contamination
  3. Mottekaero jDonuts - a blog about Japan by Contamination
  4. Online Travel Forum - a blog with an online forum about China by explore4life
  5. My Frugal Ways - a blog on frugal living by plin

Comment and introduce your blog to get listed. I swear by my cat's tails that you'll find me on your site this weekend. See you around!

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