Pro Bono Blogging and Bringing Out the Best in You

29 March 2011
Sharing is sexy, fat cat
Sharing is sexy, Puss.
Last month, I posted an entry on how social networking gone bad can harm your blog site. Today, I will talk about how freelancers can use social media to promote the common good: through pro bono blogging. 

"Pro bono" is Latin for "for the common good." This entails at least two things: promoting a cause to help the public and doing it for free. The term usually refers to legal professionals who lend their skills to help out individuals who do not have the means of paying for professional services.

Pro Bono Blogging Examined

Of late, many bloggers have caught up with the trend. Is this pure foolishness? Apparently not. The practice is good in at least 3 ways:

  • It brings out the human being in you. Oftentimes, the search for profit could make you a robotic money maker. A pro bono blog post every now and then leads you back to the truth: that you are human... that you have feelings... that you can do your share to touch one life.

  • It challenges your creativity to customize your blog post to fit your niche. The recent turn of events in Japan and how the gaming industry responded is a perfect example of how two unlikely subject matters can be melded meaningfully in a custom-made press release. You can do the same for your blog post.

  • It fosters the spirit of volunteerism. Both the recipient and the volunteer benefit from the activity. According to the World Volunteer Web, volunteerism allows you to learn new skills, experience a sense of achievement and belonging, boost your career option and interact with a diverse set of people. 

Helping Kassandra

In light of the above information on pro bono blogging and on writing to promote the common good, I'd like to take the opportunity to plug in the cause of Kassandra. I first knew about the child from Connie's blog post on helping children.  I know I could have blogged about cats and other causes, but Kassandra's story moved me. The child and her mom hail from a place close to my heart: Cebu.

Kassandra is only a year and a few months old and has been diagnosed with congenital deafness. The baby doesn't hear anything... but this CAN change with hearing aids.

According to Kassandra's mom, a pair will cost P106,000 (or roughly $2,000). The price per piece is P53,000. The family cannot afford this amount.

As such, Kassandra and her mom Grace are knocking on your kind heart to help promote a fund-raising campaign. You can extend help in cash or in kind. Here's how:

  • Like "A Cent for Kassandra's Hearing Aid" on Facebook.
  • Blog about the campaign.
  • Tweet about Kassandra and her need for hearing aids.
  • Donate PayPal funds.

A Call to Action

Whereas you direct your networking efforts to make new connections, gain page views, attract attention and make a profit, you might want to give back and share a portion of your talent to promote the common good.

You've seen many blog sharing buttons that read, "Sharing is Sexy." Well, pro bono blogging is too.  What causes have you supported lately? Will you help me spread the word about Kassandra? Her mom is currently selling used books and Korean wedges in order to raise funds. You can reach Kassandra's mom Grace at gracearreza(at)gmail(dot)com or visit the Facebook page "A Cent for Kassandra's Hearing Aid."*

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