Munchkin - Resident Glam Cat

05 March 2011
pretty Munchkin - glam cat
Pretty Munchkin loves to pose and philosophize.
Cookie Boy and Vanilla have had considerable exposure on this blog site already. Today, I'd like to introduce you to Munchkin - the resident glam cat of Teecup Limited.
name: Munchkin
aliases: Munchie, Munch 2x, Pretty
eye color: yellow green
fur: white with three black dots
weight: 4 kilos
favorite food: freshly cooked fish

Munchkin has her mom's (Vanilla's) eye color. She's the most photogenic feline of the lot and arguably the most photographed. She is known for her hot-dog length body and voracious appetite. 

She's not very showy, but come bedtime, Munchkin quietly sneaks into the room to snuggle and purr to her heart's content.
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