Gift Ideas for Writers - A Round-Up of Teecup's Vanity Splurges

24 March 2011
Are you a vain freelance writer?
Is it okay to splurge on vanity?

If you ask me, I'd say yes on two conditions: one, only if you can afford and, two, only if you fully know the risks. The guilt begins to build up once you see other people scramble for supermarket discounts while you're out there gallavanting like a superstar to a salon.

There's nothing wrong with spending on a vanity trip every now and then - be it for yourself or for your writer friend. Since I began freelancing, I've set aside a tiny portion of my earnings to reward myself. Below is a quick round-up of my vanity splurges:

  • Laser Hair Removal at Perpetual Succour Hospital
    Cost: P9,000 (package price for unlimited upper lip hair removal sessions)

    Dr. Bernad of Perpetual Succour Hospital performed the procedure on the first few treatments. Her trained assistants took care of the rest. The clinic then used an intense pulsating light (IPL) machine.

    The procedure was so painful and I could smell burnt facial hair pervade the room! Luckily, Dr. Bernad switched to an upgraded machine a year later. The treatment was less excruciating, although the sting was still there... and so was my "moustache" (upper lip hair). 

  • Diamond Peel Treatment at Prana Medispa
    Cost: P4,500 (package of 12 sessions)

    Of the 12 sessions, I only availed of one and decided not to continue with the treatment. Come to think of it, the package ought to have been value for money since the treatment combined facial cleansing, pimple pricking and diamond peeling services.

    I was turned off though by the location, the lack of privacy and the overall ambience. The Prana Medispa branch that I went to was located in the 19th floor of Crown Regency Hotel and required at least two confusing elevator switches in order to reach the facility.

    The room accommodated 3 patients at a time and while an attendant was busy massaging my face, she was also chatting to her heart's content with other attendants. I would recommend the package only when you're out with friends.

  • Diamond Peel Treatment at Facial Care Center Cebu
    Cost: P22,000 (minimum package price of 10 sessions)

    Of all the clinics I've been to, Facial Care Center is by far my favorite. The center's level of privacy, care and professionalism are unmatched.

    What impressed me most was the fact that my beauty consultant and the rest of the staff graduated from the nursing, medical and allied health science courses.

    I was able to snag an additional 10 free sessions from the regular diamond peel package. The center had a promo on the day that I showed up and without any second thoughts, I debited the charge to my card pronto.

    Diamond peeling was more of a therapeutic endeavor for me, but the treatment offered aesthetic value too. The procedure uses a wand with a diamond tip to exfoliate the dead skin cells on my face and neck, and then uses a special tube to vacuum the exfoliated cells.

    Included are a nice facial massage, a mask and a number of aromatic ointments. Pricking is optional. I still have about 7 sessions more to go and love the supple feel on my face. The treatment lightened my pimple scars (although some are still visible) and made my face exude a healthy glow.

    2013 update: The same package now costs P30,000.
  • Hair Rebonding at 887 Sarrosa
    Cost: P1,800 (fixed price for any hair length up to the bra level)

    Two successful treatments at 887 Sarrosa made the parlor my top choice for hair rebonding in Cebu City. I paid P2,000 on my second visit as my hair had already reached my waist line.

    I found out about the unadvertised place from Istorya.Net and gladly took the advice of members. Well, I couldn't be happier. All the pain from my hair being pulled and ironed by two strong men paid off. I loved the results!

    You can read a detailed review of 887 Rebonding Salon on my previous blog entry.

    2013 update: The salon rate now varies according to hair type and length. The assigned staff makes the assessment and final pricing. The cheapest I paid was P1,200 for super fine, shoulder-length tresses. 
The list excludes my minor cash-outs for eyebrow threading, facials, hair spa and sundry. Married life is slowly changing my spending habits. I honestly don't see myself splurging too much on beauty trips anymore, but I'm not promising either that I won't spend a cent ever on vanity.

In the coming weeks, I plan to get my hair cellophaned. Cost: P600 for the permanent variety. Sweet! Don't you agree with me that a vanity trip is one of the most unusual gift ideas for writers and freelancers? I could be wrong, of course, but female freelancers are women, after all. We like to look good.

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