Is Midnight Snacking Healthy for Freelancers?

02 March 2011
cake - healthy midnight snack?
I stirred to the tune of a Happy Birthday song from my superfwend and some soft scratches and meows from my cats. My midnight snack had arrived!

The mocha and chocolate creation from Goldilocks came with a festive ribbon, 3 lighted candles and a generous serving of chocolate syrup and icing. Yum!

Every now and then, I indulge in a good bite or two before bedtime, but is midnight snacking healthy for freelancers? 


Medical practitioners and nutritionists won't give a definite answer. It seems that the qualifier for healthy eating varies because every person has a different calorie requirement. Most calorie counters derive your recommended intake from several variables such as your weight goal, present height, activity level, age and gender. A calorie count website says that generally, men should get at least 1,500 calories a day. The minimum is slightly lower for women at 1,200. 

Translated to simple talk, either a "yes" or "no" is correct. Yes, midnight snacking is healthy if it helps you reach your minimum daily calorie requirement. No, the deed is unhealthy when it causes you to go overboard the recommended figures. 

Lifestyle and Metabolism

Majority of full-time freelancers lead sedentary lifestyles. You know what I mean. We hate moving around... or we can't because we're almost always glued to the computer. A rising number of individuals have also established their own work space in the house, making a healthy and sweaty work-out next to impossible. In light of this observation, it's probably best not to make a habit of midnight snacking.

The danger of weight gain is very real when you regularly eat past dinner time, nutritionists confirmed. This is because your metabolism slows down as bed time draws near and processes food the slowest while you sleep. What happens then is that any extra sugar and carbohydrates that you consume are stored as body fat instead of being converted to potential energy.

Translated to simple talk, midnight snacking is a "no-no" for people who want to look trim. The activity could do more harm than good -- especially when you're conscious about your waistline (or growing lack thereof). 

Food Choice

While dieting reports imply that midnight snacking is not advisable, I don't think pre-bedtime fasting  is a cardinal sin. My sister who studied nursing and who also freelances full-time heartily takes a midnight nibble or two. She says freelancers deserve a recharge after a brain-draining online stint.

Your best way to respond to the hunger pang then would be to indulge in it healthily. This is where food choice becomes crucial.  Dieters recommend that you avert your tongue from sweets, chicharon (fried pork skin), chips and ice cream. Far healthier alternatives include unflavored popcorn, crackers and nuts (only when you're not allergic to them).

Translated to simple talk, midnight snacking is healthy depending on what you're consuming. It's a huge "yes" for low-fat edibles and an equally loud "no" for high-fat, sugar-rich and salty snack items.
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