Munchkin - Lucky Charm

07 March 2011
Munchkin sleeps as Vanilla sits.
What's your lucky charm? One of my money good luck magnets is Munchkin herself. The cute kitty has 3 dotted patches on her back. 

Above is a photo of Munchkin and her beautiful dots. The cat on the right is Munchkin's mom, Vanilla, and those pink pajamas belong to Teecup! More than anything else, we girls love to sleep together and cozy up on really rainy days.

Munchkin's tail and dots

According to a Chinese-inspired Filipino belief, a dot symbolizes wealth. The round shapes are reminiscent of coins, you see, and it's thus common fashion to wear dotted prints on New Year's Eve to attract a lot of money-making luck.

Munchkin's dots - lucky charm
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