Detecting and Solving the Risks of Hyperpromotion

31 March 2011
Signs that You Might Be Going Overboard

Too much aggression kills. One of the obvious dangers of pro bono blogging is that you will begin to sound so  desperate that you will repel attention instead of gaining sympathy votes (and help).
  • Overusing sales pitches and catch phrases
    "Greatest" "best" "and " "perfect" are abstract and purely subjective. Try citing figures for a change.

  • Repeating exactly the same post for the whole week or month (gasp)
    If you want the topic to linger, then at least add something new each time you open up the subject.

  • Trumpeting banner adds all over the blog site
    One is enough. Just position the badge at a visible, high-traffic area.

How to Make Pro Bono Blogging Work

The solution is much simpler than you'd imagine:

  • Include children.
  • Include pets or animals.
  • Include both children and animals.

Kids and animals don't have buying power like big business, you see. What they do have is the power to influence mommy or daddy or any pet owner to do something.

Tapping the appeal of children and pets is a proven media marketing strategy not only in print, radio and TV (especially) but also in new media. The interest level of an audience skyrockets from zero to a hundred when you incorporate kids or cute animals on your plea for help.

effective marketing lesson illustrated

The comic strip is one of Yasmine Surovec's creations. I'm addicted to her blog site and will be featuring some of her works this week as I leave for HK. If you're a cat person, you should check out her blog too for some laughs! I love it! I'm so glad I landed on her site Her comic strip summarized the concept of effective marketing so well. ♥ 
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