When is Blog Backup Day?

27 March 2011
organizer, calendarA month ago at the Adgitize forum, an appeal was launched to spread the word to bloggers about backing up their sites. I was a little late when I read the appeal. This week, I want to make sure that neither you and I will miss  the event.

Mark your calendar and join the movement, dear reader. April 1st is the next blog backup day! Thereafter, remember to keep a backup of your files on the first day of every month.

You might be wondering why on Earth the next schedule has to fall on April Fools Day. Why the first? Actually, there is no official schedule per se, but Day 1 on the calendar is easier to remember than any other date, is it not?

  • Nobody ever forgets pay day. The first is usually the day after most workers get paid. On this note, you can also set your personal schedule to fall on the 5th or the 20th, or on the 15th or 30th of the month - whichever is most memorable for you.

  • It's easier to keep track of the total number of blog posts you made in a month's time regardless of the number of days every month has. Setting your schedule on the 31st for instance will create some problems for the months of February (leap year or not), April, June, September and November.

  • After tracking reports and updates are sent at the end of the month, Day 1 represents a fresh start. The expression "going back to square 1" is ample reminder that the natural sequence of things begins with one - and not zero or just some random numeral. 

The contents of your blog site are your online footprint. Unexpected eventualities such as virus and malware attacks, careless errors, power outages and hosting problems can erase everything in a snap. It's only wise that you secure your precious data as you would your finances.*

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