Vanilla - Not happy with writer-master's busy-ness

18 January 2011
Vanilla's grumpy look
Disgruntled. Vanilla sulks in the corner and craves for TLC.
Cebu, Philippines - Vanilla Cat, mainstay pet of LimFCorp, revealed to press today that she's unhappy with her writer-master's busy-ness.

Her master reportedly neglected to give the felines of the house any more tender loving care (TLC) for the past few weeks.

TLC for Vanilla and her two children included supervised play at the backyard during mornings, freshly cooked chicken breast or fish for dinner, and plenty of cuddling. It also meant giving Cookie Boy, her eldest son, a fragrant bath.

"All we've been eating is canned food," Vanilla lamented, "and the sardines brand isn't even my favorite. We're getting heavy and fat and really cuddly, but nobody's appreciating us."

The cat and her two children - Cookie Boy and Munchkin - prefer SM Bonus Sardines and Century Tuna in brine over any other brand in the market.

Despite the "drab" week, the cat hopes that things will be "brighter in the coming days." She did express fears that maybe her master is unwell. "Maybe my master's writing addiction has worsened. She needs a break."

Vanilla is a rising YouTube sensation.

She models for a long line of "junk food" including Nova, Piattos, Potato Chips and Pringles.

She prefers to eat the healthier stuff though. Two of her favorites are Kraft's Eden cheese and Cheddar cheese.

The cat's master is a web content writer and responds to the alias "teecup."
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