Ready to Resume Blogging

14 April 2011
power buttonAfter more than a week of absence, Teecup is ready to resume blogging! Thank you so much for leaving comments, everyone. You can expect the favor to be returned over the weekend, especially for blogs with Comment Luv

Hong Kong Special for Traveling Freelancers 

What should you expect over the week? Well, I plan to give you updates of my Hong Kong back packing excursion. 

You can learn how to pay for your Cebu Pacific fare without a credit card, complete the BDO bank payment form, find economical accommodation in the heart of the busiest shopping districts, and book your entire stay without forking out a fortune! 

These topics may seem random, but for the freelance writer who unwinds by visiting other places, this week's eclectic selection could make you a tad more fluid abroad.

Freelancing on the Go

To maintain the niche of this blog site (which is freelancing), also expect some valuable entries on how you can freelance while on the go. Did you know that this is even possible? 

Stay tuned as I share some of the fundamentals of review writing and travelogue writing. Journalism school honed me well, and gave me a great number of guidelines to go by. I hope they will work for you as they have for me.*

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