Who's Who in the Adgitize Forums?

12 April 2011
Adgitize is not only an advertising network but also a community of bloggers. For newbies who want to mingle with those active in the craft, there's no better place to start than at Adgitize. 

The forum serves as a meeting place for registered members to interact and earn points.You'll get a wide selection of threads to comment on, or you can even create one yourself.

If you intend to build links, there's a member marketing thread where you can invite visitors to your blog site and publicize contests and give-aways. You can also include up to 4 links in your signature. 

Best of all, the forum allows you to rub elbows with some of the people behind the blog ads displayed on your site. The personalities that stick to my memory make up my list of "Who's who in Adgitize?" For me, at least 5 people stand out from the crowd:

  • Ken Brown

    The founder of Adgitize is one of the most agreeable and most customer-oriented personalities in the World Wide Web. He knows how to engage with members and even finds time to post a welcome message to newbies. You can rest assured that Ken Brown will reply to your query in record time.
  • Gina Alfani

    Gina deserves the title "Ms. Congeniality" if there were a pageant of some sorts. She's friendly and very nice - even when the discussion is about Blogger editing woes. With so many blogs to manage and redesign, it's a pleasant surprise that Gina finds time to pop in and out of the forums.
  • Sir Rob

    He's some sort of Adgitize guru you can count on whenever you need help figuring out how to navigate the system. Sir Rob is not an Adgitize employee but he can answer questions like, "How much will I earn if I get this much points?" or "How do I sign up for the preferred publisher program?" really fast.
  • Grace

    Anything tagged as "creative" will remind you of Grace and her blogs. She has a set of freebies (designing info, instructions on how to create an embossed badge) in the member marketing thread that will get you interested. She is a consistent topper in the leader board.

  • Contamination

    A troll using the PC is his distinctive avatar. Contamination is one of the most interesting personalities you'll run into at Adgitize. He does not easily follow the herd mentality on preserving page rank. If there's one thing I like best about Conti, it's that we both love Comment Luv.

Registered Adgitize members frequent the forums for any one or a combination of the following reasons: points/cash, friendship, link building and community. Is the forum a nice place to be? Take it from me... it is.*
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