Adgitize Ads - 6 Visual Turnoffs for Potential Clickers

07 April 2011
Back then, I did not have an iota of intention to go check out a badge. My curiosity on the tenacity of some unsightly ads led me to google the community, and it was only recently that I cultivated the habit to go blog hopping.  

annoyed cat
Unlike the Adgitize insider who goes blog hopping for points, credit or cash, new site visitors are not dedicated clickers.

This second group of clickers that you want to woo do not feel compelled to check out Adgitize ads or linger long at your site. 

To get people interested in your very own badge, investing in good-quality visuals is a must. Why? Your badge serves as your front act for the main gig: your blog site.

What discourages the fresh visitors - the potential clickers - from checking out your ad? I can name at least 6 visual turnoffs: 

  1. Pixelation. Pixelated images are downright ugly. They make your badge feel like it was made on an obsolete PC. Consider using vector images instead of JPEG photos. You can also employ open-source software to convert your JPEG images to vector art. Just do a google search to find which one is easiest to use.

  2. Disproportions. Stretched images do not look good. They often result when you expand tiny photos to fit the 125 x 125 ad size. It's easier to work on a larger picture which you can crop or resize properly.  Tip: Press "shift" to resize images without altering the proportion.

  3. Typos. Small gremlins take away the credibility of your site before the visitor has a chance to even check out your blog. The addition, deletion or replacement of a single letter can change the entire meaning of something (Imagine "Mrs." without the final "s" or "Adgitize" spelled as "Adgetize"). Additionally, keep your eye out on some critical booboos.

  4. Textual Overloading. Cramming too many textual details in the badge strains the eyes and impacts readability. The rule of thumb in media lay-outing is to limit your message to 2 or 3. With small ads, settle for one phrase that best summarizes the content of your blog.

  5. Animation. The movement might make your badge stand out from the ad group, but I personally find animated GIFs distracting. According to the Adobe forums, animated GIFs may not work well for you because they cause computer performance problems and do not support "full" color depth.

  6. Mug Shots. Ads that resemble Facebook profile pictures or photos from a high school yearbook are not that appealing. The tactic works for celebrities well enough, but I don't think it will bode well for the average "unknown" blogger. For social networking to produce a domino effect, a pretty face is not enough. You've got to have clout and appeal.

How about you? What keeps you from clicking ads? * 
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