Types of Adgitize Ads and Your Earning Options

08 April 2011
One of the ways for you to accumulate points in Adgitize is to post ads. There are two ad types available. Can you tell one from the other? Each of them lets you score points differently and targets two groups of visitors.

The Affiliate Ad

Adgitize affiliate ad
This ad type is available as a text link (like the one used in the introductory paragraph of this post), a wide banner or the usual 125x125 badge. Regardless of the form they appear, affiliate ads lead you to the Adgitize site.

The main target of affiliate ads is the blogger or business that wants to advertise a blog or website. This type of ad won't work well for you when you target seasoned clickers, because they don't earn points with it.

You don't get daily points either when you post this ad type on your blog. However, you could earn $5 from every visitor who clicks on the ad, registers at Adgitize and advertises a site. In addition, you get a cut of $1 for every succeeding month that your visitor-turned registered advertiser continues to advertise.

Just so you know, advertising doesn't come free. The monthly rate is $14. Is the price worth it? Based on the feedback of advertising members, the arrangement seems very addictive and well received. 

I can't vouch for it yet however, as I have not tried advertising my blog at Adgitize yet. You might want to visit the forums or read the reviews on site to decide for yourself.

The Regular Ad

Adgitize regular adWhen you pay for advertising, you get your badge circulated within the network for members to check out. Your badge constitutes the regular ad. This ad type leads the clicker directly to your blog.

A distinctive feature of regular ads is the one liner which says, "Adgitize Me." The text background becomes blue (instead of green) indicating that you are logged on to the network and that your Adgitize ad clicks or blog hops will be credited points. 

As you can see, the target of regular ads can either be the Adgitize insider or the fresh visitor. In most cases, the Adgitize insiders are the seasoned clickers and become your regular site visitors... because of the point incentive.

As a publisher, you accumulate points (convertible to cash) with regular ads on a daily basis by: (1) publishing the ad(s) on your blog site (2) earning ad views and/or (3) clicking the ad to visit the advertising member's blog site. This scheme allows you to earn passive income by renting out your blog space to Adgitize.

Advertisers are not required to display regular ads, which is why clickers will sometimes end up at dead-end sites. Clicking the ads will not make you rich. Renting your space does not pay much either. However, members can get some nice pocket change amounting to $10 or more a month - depending on how you active you are as a blogger. 

  • Affiliate ads: $5 from every site visitor who clicks the ad and advertises with Adgitize

    If the person merely registers with the community, you will not get cash. Think of the $5 as your finder's fee or personal cut for referring a paying advertiser to the network.

  • Regular ads: $0.01 a day for simply allowing Adgitize ads to occupy your blog space

    For active bloggers, points and cash conversions vary. Expect a few cents a day that could add up to $10 monthly or more.

The real picture is not that rosy when you're eying financial gain. Adgitize is after all a paid advertising network for bloggers and not your usual make-money-online site. The money you earn will not replace your day job or the income you glean from freelancing. It's only realistic to treat the point system as a bonus and an invite for bloggers to be active at the network.

So, what then do you gain when you sign up with Adgitize? I say page views, some pocket change and a wonderful community. Membership is free and nobody ever forces you to do something you don't want (such as clicking ads all day). Moreover, if it took you 2 to 3 years to cash out $100 from Adsense, then you might not have to wait that long with Adgitize.*
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