How to Add the Adgitize Code to Blogger - 5 Steps, Fewer Minutes

10 April 2011
This entry is a follow-up post to the Adgitize registration procedure. Step 4 lets you copy the code and post it to your blog. Do you know how it's done? Adding HTML codes to Blogspot is a piece of cake really. This is my third month of using the platform, and I'm loving it a lot.

Note that Steps 2 to 5 apply to any JavaScript or HTML code that you want to insert on your page. For demonstration purposes, what you will see is the insertion of the Adgitize code. 

Step 1: Copy the code from Adgitize.

Step 2: Log on to Blogger. Select "Design" from your dashboard.

Step 3. Click the "Add a Gadget" box.

Step 4.  Scroll down the list and choose "HTML/JavaScript."

Step 5. Paste the code and save.

When added correctly, the code will display ads on your blog and will allow you to earn ad view points and page view points within the Adgitize blogging network. You can now proceed to making your blog site even more attractive for clickers through proper ad positioning. *
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