Publisher, Affiliate, Advertiser - Which Adgitize Role is for You?

11 April 2011
a cat and decision making
Decision making is serious business.

Should you join Adgitize or not? Is the network any good? Are your goals in alignment with the community's?

These things are entirely up to you. What might work for the members may not work for you. While you ponder on whether to sign up or not, why don't you study your options and see where you could fit in?

A lot of members are not "plain" publishers or affiliates or advertisers. As a matter of fact, many juggle roles to score higher points in the network.

This post will help you decide which role will best match your goals and your willingness to get involved.

The Publisher

There are regular publishers and preferred publishers. Collectively, all publishers are bloggers or site owners. The qualifying requirement is to add at least one regular Adgitize ad to the site. In addition, your blog should get at least one visit or page view a day for you to earn credits.

Some pocket change is returned to you for your regular blogging activities. Whenever you update your blog and visit other Adgitize members' sites, you qualify for points that can be converted to cash or advertising credit.

What makes the preferred publisher different from the regular publisher? The bottom line is involvement. To become a preferred publisher, you must be able to:

  • Register for the preferred publisher program
  • Position the ads in the upper half of your blog
  • Click Adgitize ads (required for non-paying/free preferred publishers: 300 ad clicks within 4 days)

In exchange for your participation, you are assigned a few advertising points and your blog site gets listed in the preferred publishers tab (for added exposure and potential traffic). 

Caveat: This role will disappoint you if you signed up for the traffic.

It's free to become a preferred publisher, but you might want to consider the paid option which costs $8 a month. The fee guarantees your listing in the preferred publisher's list even if you do not meet the click requirements. There's no way to bypass the ad positioning requirement though. You still need to place the ads on the top fold.

The Affiliate

Affiliates earn from Adgitize in the form of finder's fees. As an affiliate, you will receive $5 for every referral who signs up under you and ends up placing an advertisement with the network. 

Compared to religiously clicking ads, affiliates have the potential to earn cash quicker. Just imagine how much moolah you'll end up with when 5 of your friends advertise their blogs on Adgitize. That's $25 worth of instant finder's fees. Such amount will take almost forever to reach via the publisher track. 

The affiliate is required to place an Adgitize ad to qualify for the program. As opposed to the regular ad, the affiliate ad does not come with the bottom liner which reads, "Adgitize Me." Affiliate ads are also available as text links like the one used in the introductory paragraph.

The post on types of Adgitize ads will enlighten you more on your earning options.  You can even get an idea of the clicking behavior of network members if you know to whom the ad is targeted. 

Becoming an affiliate is one of the most painless roles in the Adgitize community. During the registration process, you simply need to copy and paste the code to your blog site, and you're good to go. You can forget you even signed up with Adgitize. 

When you reach the minimum payout of $10, the funds - by default - will be sent to your PayPal account. You don't even need to request for it. Members have been very happy with the customer service here. Adgitize does not pay much, but it does pay promptly.

Caveat: Like the publisher, this role might be a source of disappointment if you mainly signed up with Adgitize for the traffic.

Your level of success depends on your marketing efforts, your site traffic and your online audience's paying capacity. Not everyone of your visitors will be eager to fork $14 on advertising. If they're not paying, you're not getting your cut either.   

The Advertiser

Of the three groups, this role has lauded Adgitize with the most number of positive feedback. This comes as no surprise, because the network itself mainly targets the blog advertisers.

There is no free option here. The monthly advertising fee is $14. In exchange for the amount, your badge is shown and rotated within Adgitize's network of 17,000 registered publisher blogs. The point incentive motivates publishers to click your ad and visit your blog.

You might consider this role as your crutch for online traffic - especially when you're just starting out. Senior members have become so addicted with it that those who started advertising never wanted to quit from the program. Several freebies sweetened the deal:

  • Rebates when you also sign up as a publisher
    (advertising turns out "free" if publishing points are able to cover the cost of ad placement)

  • Dual increase in terms of traffic and earnings
    (page views and credits for you, added exposure for other blogs ads positioned on your site)

  • Lower qualifying clicks to maximize click points
    (from 100 down to 51)

I don't know if you're ready for this nice little addiction. Advertising with the network will significantly inflate your stats - if you care about them. Here's what to expect:

  • Your number of daily visitors will increase - so long as your ad is active.
  • Your bounce rate will increase. Majority of visitors do touch and go. This is reality.
  • Your Alexa ranking will improve. Imagine being able to trim down 2M to 200 or 500k in a month.

You are not compelled to display Adgitize ads on your site if you think that doing so lowers the aesthetic value of your blog. However, if you're out for some traffic (and most will come from the registered members), it would be wise to populate a few Adgitize ads on your blog to avoid it being labeled as a dead-end site. 

Multiple Roles

Weighing the benefits and challenges that come with the individual roles, I would not be surprised if you decide to cross over and sign up for more than one role in the Adgitize network. Many publishers end up as advertisers and vice versa. Almost everybody is an affiliate. Does Adgitize seem like a network that will help you reach your goals? *
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