Instant Traffic Correction with Adgitize

15 July 2011
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When Ken Brown said that Adgitize can immediately correct traffic problems for a flat fee of $14 a month, I was not convinced.

I could not say whether it was my curiosity or the sense of community at Adgitize which drove me to give advertising a try.

All I know is that after two weeks of being an Adgitize advertiser, I now fully agree with Mr. Brown. Adgitize network is indeed a handy tool for instant traffic correction.

Before Adgitizing

Before advertising at Adgitize, the number of absolute unique visitors to Teecup Limited would barely hit 20. 

This is still a better figure than the daily visits of 2 to 5 recorded during the first two months.

Word-of-mouth invites did not prove very effective as not all of my friends shared my interest in freelancing or cat herding or blogging.

Some would like the fan page or visit the home page as a favor, but many do not become repeat visitors or take time to leave comments.

Lesson learned: Getting others to notice a new blog site is hard work, and doing it manually is not a walk in the park.

After Adgitizing

I knew that I had to reach out to like-minded people in the blogosphere if I wanted to get my blog site noticed. I needed a crutch, an exposure aide... and Adgitize seemed to fit the bill. This is now how my site traffic looks like:

From 10 to 20 visits a day, the site now welcomes 50 to 80 readers daily on the average! If it's not called instant traffic correction, then I don't know how else to call the spike.

In all fairness, the system is far from perfect. See my post on Adgitize and Why Ugly Ads (Still) Get Noticed for starters. I also miss the low bounce rate during my pre-adgitizing days. Visits that consist of only one pageview and which typically last less than 10 seconds are considered by Google as a bounce.

The effect of Adgitize to bounce rate is, in my opinion, almost proportional to the increase of visits. From 16 to 20 percent, this blog site's bounce rate increased to almost 90 percent! Who am I to complain? I wanted to expose my blog site, and Adgitize helped me do just that.   

Lesson learned: Getting others to notice a new blog is now easy with Adgitize. The challenging part is to build reader loyalty.*
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