Blogvertise and Get Paid $4 to Do It

13 January 2011
I've been meaning to follow through my blog post on verifying your PayPal account. However, I'll get to that some other time. I just had to write about blogvertising.

Blogvertise sign-in panel
Blogvertising is a form of new media which takes advantage of your blog's popularity to market a product or service - or to drive visitors (and potential buyers) to the advertiser's site. As a blogger, you're paid every time you blogvertise something (post a sponsored product review). 

Presently, the spotlight is on which reportedly pays you $4--$25 for every approved blogvertisement. A number of Filipinos have been with Blogvertise since 2007, but it was the recent posts of a work-from-home mommy blogger (a Pinay) that got me hooked. She had been publishing screen shots of her earnings from Blogvertise. She got paid via PayPal and the payment wasn't in cents.

    The Requirements

    Work-from-home mommy blogger seemed satisfied with her stint with To begin with, you just need to have a blog, own a PayPal account and register with Blogvertise. However, registration approval depends on a number of factors:
      • Your blog must be at least 60 to 90 days old.
      • Your blog must be regularly updated. The more posts you have, the better.
      • Your blog must ideally have a Google page rank of 2 and up. 

        The Procedure

        Despite the gremlins (blatant typos) on their home page, the site deserves some credit for explaining in the simplest way possible what needs to be done and what's in it for you. Apparently, the process is straightforward:
        • Register with the site as a blogger.
        • Once your account has been activated, begin accepting assignments. Bloggers on probationary status can still take on assignments but at a reduced rate of $2.
        • Get paid for accepted reviews. By the way, the site only processes payments via PayPal. 

        The Pros 

        Knowing that the site does pay is a plus point already. Here are more pros:
        • The main selling point of blogvertising is that no bidding is involved. Once you're accepted, you will be assigned tasks which you either accept or decline.
        • The reviews need not be fancy, and they don't take long to write. The structure follows a 3-paragraph format with a minimum word count of 100.
        • There's no need to hide the fact from your readers that your blog entry is actually a sponsored review. 

        The Catch

        I'm a believer of Murphy's Law. Something this simple has got to have a catch, and Murphy is right again.
        • This may not bother you, but some bloggers complain of having to include 3 links in the review.
        • The payout isn't instant. In fact, payments will be processed 30 days after you've completed your assignment. Delivering the goods ahead and waiting to get paid sounds risky to me.
        • Placing the law of supply and demand into perspective, there would come a time when bloggers will outnumber the advertising clients. I don't think this arrangement has long-term viability.

        End Note

        This is not a sponsored review. These are merely the ramblings of a curious cat owner who chooses to blog instead of stalk friends on Facebook.

        Why am I writing this post anyway? Suffice it to say that opportunity knocks only once, and some legit money-making opportunities don't last forever. For all we know, tomorrow, Blogvertise will decide to disqualify Filipino bloggers in the same manner that banned Philippines from the paid review writing opportunity.

        Blogvertising might be worth a shot, so you might as well strike while the iron is hot. Let me know how things pan out for you.
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