Adgitize Registration in 5 Minutes or Less

09 April 2011
A Visual Walk-through for Newbies

Are you planning to sign up with Adgitize? This blog post will give you a visual preview of the steps needed to register at the community. Whether you want to join or not is up to you. You might want to read first about the Ugly Betty Phenomenon for a good laugh as well as the previous post to find out how you can earn with Adgitize. So, without further delay, here's what to do:

Step 1: Visit the Adgitize website. 

Adgitize registration - step 1

Step 2: Look for the sign-up box and fill in the blanks. 

Adgitize registration - step 2
You will be asked to enter your name (which can be your nickname), the name of your website or blog, and the corresponding URL.

You cannot proceed unless you enter the captcha code correctly. It took me about two tries to get it right. 

There's an audio assistant that you can use though.

Do not be alarmed when you will be redirected to a different site while the audio plays. 

Just pay attention to the code being dictated.Once you have taken note of the letter-and-number sequence, just press the back button to return to the Adgitize quick signup form. 

Step 3: Select your role in the network.

You can be an affiliate, an advertiser, a publisher or all three. For starters, select the publisher option.   

Adgitize registration - step 3a

Edit your blog information. As you can see on the image to your left, the network does not have your RSS feed on file.Adgitize registration - step 3b

The system needs your RSS feed so that you can receive points every time you publish a blog post.

Without your RSS feed, Adgitize has no way of monitoring your publication activities.

Blog posts that infringe on copyrights are not assigned any points for obvious reasons. 

Step 4: Get the code and paste it on your blog. 

Adgitize registration - step 3c
Adgitize registration - step 4There are a variety of ad sizes to choose from. A lot of members use the 125 x 125 px ads that may be grouped into various ad blocks.

Not pasting the code means not displaying Adgitize ads on your blog. You will not earn points.

The network considers this to be the final step. Read the rules regarding the tampering of the codes and the number of ads to display on your blog site in the box to avoid disappointment. 

Step 5: Return to your profile page.

Adgitize registration - step 5

Step 6: Edit your preferred payment method. 

Adgitize registration - step 6Take your pick between PayPal and check payments.

Alternately, you can also opt to keep your points within the Adgitize network in order to pay directly for advertising in the future.

Between PayPal and check, the lesser of the two evils is the latter if you ask me. (Learn why freelancers should avoid getting paid by check).

Some members however have had their PayPal accounts limited and frozen. Just choose the method that works for you.

The minimum amount to qualify for payouts is $10, and payments are sent on the 20th day of each month.

Step 7: Log out. 

Adgitize registration - step 7

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