Is DoNanza any good?

21 September 2011
thinking kitty
Is DoNanza any good? Can you trust it? Is it legit or a scam? There were no complaints and violent user reviews (yet), so it's safe to say (for now) that you can include DoNanza in your circle of trust. The few reviews posted online only discussed the background of DoNanza. What is known:

DoNanza is a job search tool for freelancers. 

It gathers postings from different established job sites, so that you can browse online opportunities without limiting your search to just one or two platforms. Once you find a work-from-home opportunity that interests you, you will have to register with the respective site before you can apply for the job. So, the "Do It" button is really more of an "Apply" or "Sign me up" button. 

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DoNanza is a passive income earner for bloggers

Bloggers need only to register with DoNanza and display a customizable widget on their respective blog sites. As a blogger, there are two possible ways that you can make money from DoNanza:

First, you earn some commission or referral fee whenever a reader finds and gets a job displayed on your widget. The calculations are not really clear though.

Second, you earn some money whenever someone posts a job advertisement through your widget. As opposed to the first method, the paid advertising option has a set monthly fee that you can decide for yourself.

So, is DoNanza any good?

For job hunters, definitely a yes.

For bloggers, it is best that you manage your expectations. It is possible (but not guaranteed) that adding the widget will lower your bounce rate, keep readers longer on your blog site and even encourage a few to keep visiting. 

If you're keen on the money component though, then DoNanza might disappoint. The minimum threshold is $50 before bloggers get paid via PayPal. The site does not discuss any specific amount or calculation on how much you will actually receive for successful referrals, and nobody has blogged about getting paid yet.*
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