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16 January 2011
Sinulog dance
Sinulog festival: one beat, one dance, one vision.
(photo credit:

Allow me to go off-topic today. I shan't be writing about writing or making money online. It's a Sunday after all and in the story of creation, it's the day that God designated for rest. Hmmm... I hope "rest" doesn't include some tinsy-winsy blogging!

The rain, the power outage and the water interruption conspired together to keep my husband and me home. We spent the day with the cats. (A visit to the church is a given. See my previous post to unravel the mystery.) It was only in the late afternoon that we were able to catch the live TV coverage of the street dance and the dance showdown on stage. I've just lengthened my non-attendance of the Sinulog festival by one year more (oh dear).

Sinulog festival with Sr. Santo Nino
2 steps forward and  1 step backward. Bringing the image of Senior Sto. Nino,
this girl in colorful garb danced in the streets and all the way to the stage.
(photo credit:

The pictures you see above are published with the knowledge and permission of Bashir Jr. Baddong. Viewing his shots is probably like being out in the streets yourself - minus the rain and the crowd. I think they're awesome!
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