PayPal and Unionbank EON - 8 Steps They're Not Telling You

20 January 2011
Some people think that once you already have possession of an EON debit card, you can immediately verify your PayPal account and transfer your PayPal funds to the EON account. This isn't true. You must do a bit more work (and brace for more waiting) to make that happen.

Link love - PayPal and your bank.
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Amidst all the excitement and buzz, there are about 8 necessary things to do prior to verification. To sign up with PayPal is one.

The rest are like "open secrets." You are expected to figure them out by yourself. Nobody's talking about them. Freelancers aren't writing about them.

People just assume that the pre-verification stage is a matter of using your 25 percent. I say the pre-verification stage is a matter of preparedness. For a wrinkle-free PayPal verification experience, don't skip the following:

8 Steps They're Not Telling You 

  1. Two weeks after submitting your application, call Unionbank to check if your EON debit card is ready.

  2. Granting that your EON debit card is ready for pick up, prepare the following before you visit Unionbank:

    • Peso Equivalent of $1.95. Considering the peso-dollar fluctuation, P200 to P300 would be just right.

    • Valid IDs and 2 Photocopies. Although they were presented and submitted during the application stage, bring them with you. The bank will need to verify your identity.

      In my case, the bank *lost* my photocopies and asked me to fill out the form and submit photocopies of my IDs again. The moral: be prepared.

  3. Claim your EON debit card. Make sure that the bank staff gives you your ATM's initial personal identification number (PIN).

  4. Fill out the bank deposit slip and deposit your P200 or P300. Your bank account number is the combination of digits right below your name.

  5. Go to the nearest Unionbank ATM machine. Change your personal identification number (PIN).

  6. Visit Unionbank's website. It's

  7. Sign up for an EON cyber account. You will be asked to provide your ATM number and your ATM pin. Your ATM number is your EON card number. You will find the digits above your name.

  8. Wait 2 to 3 banking days for Unionbank to activate your EON cyber account. This account grants you instant, online access to the expanded use number which you will later need for PayPal verification.

These steps should make the real deal - the PayPal verification - easier. We'll get to that soon, so stay tuned!

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