PayPal for Newbies - 5 Easy Steps to Get Yours Today

11 January 2011
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Is PayPal necessary to bag an online job? In a word, yes. Getting a PayPal account is one of the unwritten rules of working from home.

The PayPal website did a good job of explaining the advantages of opening an account.
Advantage 1: The account allows you to receive (and send) payments securely. It's secure in a sense that you won't need to reveal your full identity, bank account information or credit card number to your client (or the other way around). The valid e-mail address you used to register with PayPal is the only thing that you will disclose.

Advantage 2: The account lets you receive (and send) payments easily. Funds will arrive in seconds, and you get a perky e-mail notification to go with that. I get excited whenever I read e-mail messages with the subject line "You've got funds." It's so PayPal!

Advantage 3: The account enables you to request for and issue refunds for damaged, substandard or undelivered goods acquired from online stores (like eBay) and paid for with PayPal. If you ask me, it's pretty neat even for the not-so-avid shopaholics (like myself).   

I opened my PayPal account a few years ago and since then, I haven't had any major regrets. So here's how you do it:

Step 1: Visit PayPal's website -

Step 2: Double-check the country and select an account type. Go for a premier account. The basic account is intended for shoppers, while the business account is for corporate merchants.

Step 3: Fill in the information page as accurately as you can -- including a legit e-mail address and a contactable phone number. Remember to omit the beginning zero if you are entering your cellphone number. It's "9201234567" (not "09201234567").

Step 4: Skip the verification page (for now). You will need a credit card or a Unionbank EON debit card for this step. The good news is you can still receive payments using your unverified PayPal account.

Step 5: Confirm your registration. Do this by checking your mail. PayPal will send a confirmation link to your e-mail address - the same e-mail address you indicated in Step 3.

Note: Your off-shore employer must also have a PayPal account for both of you to transact business. For more information, visit PayPal's official website and get answers straight from the horse's mouth (figuratively speaking).
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