The Backpacking Freelancer - Part III

23 June 2011
Do you really need a credit card to pay for flights you can book online? The credit card is a luxury for the documented, regular employees. For freelancers who have been working from home most of their lives, know that there is a quick workaround to the requirement.

Paying for Your Airphil Express Online Flight Booking

credit cards
photo credit: Petr Kratochvil
Credit card payment is the only option. A third party can pay by credit card on your behalf. You must be able to present the card itself used during the transaction at the airport. 

In lieu of the actual credit card,  you may show to the airline staff a photocopy of the card, a copy of the credit card holder's valid ID, and a signed letter confirming and authorizing the transaction.

The authorization letter can read:

I certify that I am the owner of the credit card used to pay for the plane fare of Mr. John A. Doe and Ms. Jane B. Smith. Please be informed that the transaction was done with my full knowledge and consent.

Credit Card Holder

Paying for Your Cebu Pacific Online Flight Booking

It is possible for you to book your flight via the Internet and then settle the bill without having to use a credit card.

You can pay cash over the counter at designated payment centers and banks. These include LBC, Robinson's, BDO and Metrobank.

You can also transfer the funds via ATM, online banking, mobile banking or phone banking, but do not expect too much. The list is limited to selected Bancnet and Megalink players such as Allied Bank, China Bank, Citibank and RCBC. See the complete list from the carrier's official website to avoid disappointment.

On a sad note, you cannot use your EON cyber account or your Unionbank ATM debit card to pay for your Cebu Pacific online flight booking. *  
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