Linking Your EON Debit Card to PayPal

30 January 2011
chain linkIt's been exactly a week since my last blog entry.

By now, I'm assuming that you have your EON debit card on hand and that you've already set up your EON cyber account.

Take a deep breath. You're all set to learn how to verify PayPal using EON. This step-by-step guide will take no more than 12 moves from your end.

Step 1. Log on to PayPal. Enter your e-mail address and password. 

Step 2. View your account. Click the "Get verified" link. 

Step 3. Enter the information required:

First name

Last name

Billing address

Card type - Select VISA from the drop-down menu.

Card expiry - This is the month and year indicated in the "valid thru" portion of your card.

Card security code - Flip the card. The code is the 3-digit sequence beside the signature strip.

Card number - Enter the string of 16 digits above your name.

Unionbank EON Visa Debit Card
EON card sample. The bank account and atm card
numbers are not the same. Be careful not to mistake
one for the other. (photo courtesy of bee pinoy)

Step 4. Press "Save and continue." You will be directed to a confirmation page informing you that a charge of $1.95 has been deducted by PayPal from your EON debit card. 

Step 5. Log out of PayPal and wait 2 business days. 

Step 6. Log on to your EON cyber account.

Enter your user name and your ATM personal identification number. 

Step 7. Click "Mails."

Step 8. Look for your EXPUSE number in the transaction description. EXPUSE stands for expanded use. In your inbox transaction list, look for something like this: "VISA-1234PAYPAL--*EXPUSE SG (840)."

The expanded use number in this example is 1234 (not 840). Remember that the expanded use number always consists of 4 digits. 

Step 9. In case you cannot find your expanded use number, request for it from Unionbank.

You don't have to call the bank. Just use the "compose mail" feature of your cyber account and get a response within 24 hours. Here's a template you can use:

Subject: Request of EXPUSE 4-digit code.
Message: Good morning. I'd like to ask for my PayPal EXPUSE 4-digit code. I need the info for verification purposes. Thank you for your assistance.
Step 10. Once you have your expanded use number, log back on to PayPal. 

Step 11. Click "Finish expanded enrollment" or "Confirm my debit or credit card." Either one of these messages will show up when you view your account. 

Step 12. Enter your assigned expanded use number and press "submit."

PayPal will send you a confirmation message, informing you that you have successfully verified your account. You can give yourself a pat in the back or indulge in a cup of ice cream thereafter. Yatta!!! 

Note: Some readers are asking, "Can the EON card be released immediately after application?" In a word, no. It will take Unionbank time to process your application and generate your card. It will take the bank another few days to activate your cyber account enrollment.

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