Latest Google update changes SEO keyword positioning strategy for writers

30 April 2012 Comments
kitties in a rowGoogle did it again.

It wiped out a lot of sites from the organic search results just a couple of days ago. 

If you're a freelance writer who mainly crafts web content for a living, here's a heads up for you: You can cut some slack on canned content and exact keyword positioning, and give natural writing a big welcome hug. Hurray!

The Old Way

For quite a while, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists managed to game the system and manipulate search results by:

  • using key phrases in the exact same order -- even if they do not make sense
  • using formatting techniques (bold, italics, underlines) to emphasize the key words
  • positioning the key phrases "strategically" so that they appear in the title, in the body, and in the last paragraph

That was how things used to work.
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