Freelancing on the Go

20 June 2011
Regular writing differs from freelance writing in a variety of ways: your level of commitment to an employer, your ownership of copyrights  and your pay scale.

One aspect that is today's highlight is the degree of freedom that you enjoy. A regular stint could nail you to your desk from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. With freelancing, time is yours for managing. You can even wing the activity while you go on vacation.

The key is to make your timeout as productive as possible. It's true that you might not be making any money during the time that you are away. However, you are not allowing your hiatus to dull your skills either.

Here are some writing activities that backpacking freelancers and writing aficionados can take on:

  • Write a travelogue. Use vivid descriptions to convey and preserve your impression of the place.
  • Take down notes. You can use these to craft a travel guide.
  • Review your guesthouse or hostel. Trip Advisor welcomes this type of content.
  • Stock up on blog posts. Pre-written entries will afford you the luxury to blog in absentia.
  • Come up with lists. The information makes an excellent backbone for online articles.*
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