The Backpacking Freelancer - Part VIII

28 June 2011
cat with crown of flowersGolden Crown is housed on the same building as Yiufai. Did you find it weird that I opted for number 3 instead of number 2? It's not such a mystery really when you consider the websites of these top-rated but cheap accommodations in Hong Kong.

I was more impressed with the Golden Crown Guesthouse website. Content is indeed king there. The site is packed with comprehensive and useful information on not only the guesthouse itself but on nearby attractions as well.

The only inquiry you will ever want to make is whether the rooms are available and if you can get them at standard rates. You see, the guesthouse adjusts its rates during peak season too. Rooms are at least 100 HKD higher whenever there are expos and exhibits held in Hong Kong.  

My favorite part of the website is the user-friendly and interactive reservations form. Unlike other hostels and guesthouses which leave you hanging about the status of your request, Golden Crown Guesthouse gives very prompt feedback and updates. Only the first page of bookings is displayed. You will have to log into the site to view the request details, check if the payment has been reflected and print the confirmation page.
HK cheap housing
Oh well, enough of me babbling about this treasure of a find in Hong Kong! You can check out my review of Golden Crown on Trip Advisor. (Please vote it as useful it if you liked the long read and info!)

P.S. Yes, I inadvertently spelt Yiufai without the first "i" in that review. In addition to typos, you might also be interested to know 10 other freelancing booboos you don't want to make.* 
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