The Backpacking Freelancer - Part VI

26 June 2011
bed and breakfast
Tons of resources have been created for first-time travelers to Hong Kong. While lonely planet is a favorite among backpackers, nothing beats the information you can cull from Trip Advisor. There you can read first-hand reviews, opinions and recommendations.

The screening process has its loopholes, but for the most part, the team is doing its best to ensure that bogus reviews and paid posts are eliminated from the network and erring parties penalized. The purpose of today's blog post is to find inexpensive hotel alternatives for the frugal backpacker.

In Trip Advisor's "Bed and Breakfast/Inn" category, the following specialty lodgings (your cheap hotel alternatives) emerged as the top five choices. Please note that those with fewer than 20 reviews have been omitted from the list for you to get a better pulse of the general impression of guests:

  • Hello Inn - 44 reviews, 100 percent positive feedback
  • Yiufai Guesthouse - 45 reviews, 91 percent positive feedback
  • Golden Crown Guesthouse - 45 reviews, 88 percent positive feedback
  • Star Guest House - 20 reviews, 84 percent positive feedback
  • Booth Lodge - 23 reviews, 81 percent positive feedback

Based on the reviews, have you found a favorite?*
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