Thursday, blogs got slapped by Google Panda

06 October 2011 Comments
panda cat
This is not a regular blog post for Teecup Limited. This entry does not discuss freelancing, writing or working from home. Consider it a sporadic burst of emotion.

Something weird happened today... apart from the fact that Apple's Steve Jobs passed away (may his soul rest in peace).

Is it just us or did Google Panda decide that the blogosphere is a pet peeve?

We were doing our rounds on Adgitize when we noticed that not just one -- but all of the blog sites we checked out lost their page rank from 1, 2, 3 and 4 to a measly N/A - ours included, of course.

How much is the charge for writing a 500-word article, blog post or sponsored review?

03 October 2011 Comments
sweet-looking kittyThere have been numerous standards published online on what should be and how much freelance writers should charge for their work.

Sad to say, there is a huge divide between the ideal rate and the actual rate that freelancers receive.

It's about time that we set the record straight, and find out how much or how little money you can really make from online writing.

If you have worked online or have received monetary compensation for writing web content (general articles, blog posts, sponsored reviews, short essays), can you participate in the poll question please and select the figure that best applies to you? The poll question is found at the bottom-most part of the sidebar and appears immediately after the Classic Subscription Box.

The million-dollar question is: On the average, how much were you paid for writing a 500-word article? The word count is approximately equivalent to one page of content.

Your answers will be of great help to aspiring writers and freelancing newbies who need a realistic estimate for quoting projects. Thank you ahead for your participation.*

How to Set Your Freelancing Fees

01 October 2011 Comments
kitties in a potOne of the inevitable questions that freelancers will encounter from potential clients has to do with money. How much do you charge to get the job done?

This blog post will walk you through the basics of setting your freelancing fees. No exact figures will be given. That part is for you to decide.

There are basically two ways to charge your client: by the hour or by the project. You may often hear the terms being referred to as "hourly jobs" and "fixed price jobs."

By the Hour

Some freelancing positions entail a variety of tasks and outcomes. Because the required output changes from day to day, clients pay you for the time you spend working for them. Many will expect you to commit to a few hours everyday to receive instructions. Most virtual assistant positions and data entry work are paid by the hour. 

The advantage of working on hourly jobs is that whether you can "deliver" or not, you will receive compensation. You need to convince the client though that you are a fast worker, and not a slacker. Most hourly jobs start out with a trial period.   

By the Project

Freelance work that requires a specific output are often charged by the project. Examples of the required output include videos, articles and web content.
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