Freelancing can be a Handful

02 July 2011
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If you think being floored by paperwork on your day job is a handful, try freelancing.

Chores aside, there are different deadlines to beat and a variety of clients to please. There's no sense of monogamy or loyalty here.

Neither the client nor the service provider (you) is obligated to stick together. The only binding agreement between the two would be a contract.

Everyday is just business... like retail even. Do a good job, and you get repeat orders. Disappoint, and the clients say, "Thank you" and you never hear from them again.

Here's a template conversation that you're bound to engage in whenever someone asks you what you do for a living. I get this so many times that I've resorted to giving out cookie-cutter replies...

Curious Stranger: So, what do you do for a living?
Freelancer: I write for a living. I'm a freelance writer.
Curious Stranger: What company are you connected with?
Freelancer: I'm not really connected with any particular company.
Curious Stranger: Oh? That's interesting. So whom do you work for?
Freelancer: I work on an ad-hoc basis for many clients.
Curious Stranger: Uhmmm... so what's the company called? 
Freelancer: Businesses mostly. I'm afraid I can't give names. I signed an NDA with my clients.
Curious Stranger: NDA? That's one of the freelancing jargons you use... errr..
Freelancer: Non-disclosure agreement. A promise that I won't name the client or share my work.
Curious Stranger: You can tell me... Your client won't know (sheepish grin).

Some people just don't get how freelancers work. Freelancing isn't for tattle tales, and no, even though you will be ghostwriting for big shots at Fortune 500 companies, you are not entitled to any bragging rights. Be sure to read my previous posts if you want to know more about freelancing mistakes and how to avoid them.*
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