teecup and cats
Teecup herds cats, runs a home, and writes for a living. In between projects, she sips coffee (or tea), cuddles felines, blogs, or follows her favorite animes.

It's not just writing that makes her tick, she also loves to go to school. She holds a master's degree in print media studies and a bachelor's degree in mass communication.

Prior to her online freelance writing stint in 2008, she served as coordinating editor for an outsourcing firm, during which time she also attended graduate school. She is currently pursuing her doctorate degree.

Although basically a content provider for hire in the world of freelancing, Teecup  doesn't tire of writing. She whiles her free time away posting Trip Advisor reviews and publishing articles on Associated Content (now Yahoo's Contributor Network).

She's also a happy squid! Proceeds from her lenses go to a few charitable causes partnering with Squidoo. She thrives on cats, anime and both mundane and intelligent conversations.

Random Fun Facts

  • Other online handles: myowncupoftea, tee
  • Ethnicity and gender: Asian female
  • Loves: a human boy named Fritz
  • Likes: real cats, anime, books, computer games, money and Takki
  • Dislikes: copy cats, cheats, soap operas, sports
  • Favorite authors: Piers Anthony, Neil Gaiman, Howie Severino
  • Favorite color: yellow
  • Favorite footwear: stiletto pumps (see height information to know why)
  • Favorite pet: cats! (Vanilla, Munchkin and Cookie Boy have their very own kitty blog site)
  • Places visited: Ghana, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Holland, USA, Philippines
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces (then), Aquarius (now)
  • Height: below 5'
  • Shoe size: 4 or 5
  • Closest cartoon look-alike: Phoebe Heyerdahl of Hey, Arnold!

Why Teecup Blogs

To write without a purpose is tantamount to not writing at all.

Teecup created this blog site to leave a paper trail of the lessons she learned online and to give the world a glimpse of her life. When she started freelancing, she left things to the hands of chance. She wants newbies to learn to take calculated risks with the use of the information provided on site.

Her entries reflect a passion for stringing together ideas and a fondness for cats and bargain finds. Bear with her as she segues occasionally into random topics and thoughts.

Teecup's self-serving reason for blogging is geared towards self-improvement. She believes among many things that writing is not only an art but also a discipline. A learned skill will lose its sharpness sans constant correct practice and honing.
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