How does Google assess quality?

14 July 2011
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Wooing the search engine is not really my cup of tea. With the dreaded Panda slapping down the page rank and search engine position of content farms and websites, I felt that this list deserves a share.

What is quality content for Google? As quoted by Web Pro News, quality will be screened by Google on at least 20 points:

1. Can you trust the information presented?

2. Is the author reliable?

3. Can you say that the site is an authority of the topic?  

4. Is the content shallow or in-depth?

5. Can you trust the site with your credit card information?

6. Are there too many factual and typographical errors?

7. Was the content primarily created to rank in search engines?

8. Does the content reflect original research and analysis? 

9. Does the site follow content quality measures?

10. Is the site rife with redundant articles with slightly different keyword variations? 

11. Is the page of substantial value to readers when compared to other pages in search results?

12. Is the article biased or fair?

13. Does the content appear to be mass produced or outsourced to many writers?

14. Does the site discuss the topic consistently and comprehensively?

15. Is the information or analysis presented beyond the obvious?

16. Is this content something that you might want to recommend or share to a friend?

17. Is the site cluttered with ads which overpower the site content?

18. Can you imagine the article published in a printed magazine or book?

19. Are the articles short and unsubstantial?

20. Will the site evoke reader interest or complaints?*
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