Thursday, blogs got slapped by Google Panda

06 October 2011
panda cat
This is not a regular blog post for Teecup Limited. This entry does not discuss freelancing, writing or working from home. Consider it a sporadic burst of emotion.

Something weird happened today... apart from the fact that Apple's Steve Jobs passed away (may his soul rest in peace).

Is it just us or did Google Panda decide that the blogosphere is a pet peeve?

We were doing our rounds on Adgitize when we noticed that not just one -- but all of the blog sites we checked out lost their page rank from 1, 2, 3 and 4 to a measly N/A - ours included, of course.

Out of disbelief, we snooped into ProBlogger, the Huffington Post and Technorati. Surprise, surprise. The blogging giants also lost their precious PR. Even Cat versus Human, which had a fabulous book launched yesterday, was not spared of the PR stripping.

What could have happened? Was it just us or did you smell something fishy too? Did your blog get slapped by Google Panda? Or is this all a bad dream?

We're going bonkers! Violent reactions, comments and rebukes - post them in our box. We're eager to know what you think. 

Teecup and the Kitty Gang (Vanilla, Munchkin and Cookie Boy)

P.S. The kitty pic comes courtesy of Kitty Stampede. Kawaii (Cute)!
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