Freelancer Unrest with PayPal to Unionbank Delayed Transfers

05 September 2011
Breaking news. There's trouble in paradise. Freelancers are fuming mad.

Check Unionbank's Facebook fan page and in the discussions board, you will unearth a mountain of complaints and rants regarding delays in PayPal to Unionbank transfers.

Where before it takes only 2 to 3 days for your PayPal funds to be reflected on your Unionbank statement, the processing period has lagged to 5 days and even 2 weeks for many.

What is strange is that whenever reports and issues of a similar nature are raised, Unionbank stays mum. It is understandable that newbies who are not familiar with the PayPal verification process may have (1) failed to indicate the correct bank code (2) mistaken the ATM card number for the bank account number or (3) used incongruent names for the PayPal account and the Unionbank account.
    The fact that the rants stem from old users indicates that something is amiss.

    Haters are now threatening to cross over to other banks. One user wrote, "Better na bumalik ako sa dating bank ko... kasi kahit may charge, na-rereceive ang funds on time. (I am thinking of reverting to my old bank because although it charges a service fee, I can receive the funds on time.)"*
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