"No man is an island" and this blog site is no exception, of course. The "Groups" page highlights the kind of community which blogger Teecup desires to build and be a part of: high quality, on-topic, engaging and easy to navigate.

Newbies, cat lovers and homemakers who are interested in freelance writing and making money online are welcome to the blog. Each week, you will learn something about the online job market, the writer behind the blog posts or her cats.

Related Websites & Interesting Reads

Has Teecup mentioned a topic that you would like to know more about? Chances are there's an expert in the blogosphere already writing about the subject in great detail. Below you will find Teecup's hand-picked sites. All of the interesting reads feature here read well, present great, original content and exclude blatant referral pitches and ad farming.
  • Copyblogger - a blog site authored by several gurus discussing the ins and outs of content writing and marketing. Copyblogger is a treasure trove of information catering to both newbie and veteran bloggers.

  • Innovative Passive Income - a blog site by entrepreneur Jade Dragon on ways that you can make passive income from your writing skills. Jade's site is a must-read for freelance writing wannabes as it contains first-hand details on popular money-making sites.

  • Explore the Mystery - a blog site by Yusuf who freelances at Odesk. Explore for Life is a travel blog with its own forum for backpacking freelancers and bloggers alike to enjoy, build connections and share stories.  

She blog hops frequently. However, should you like Teecup to discover your site faster and evaluate it for possible inclusion in this page, just post an intelligent comment or two and she'll snoop around. Shy bloggers can use the contact form.

For quality control purposes, only blogs relating to the following niches can be accommodated at this time: writers with cats, freelance writing, making money online, blogging resources for newbies. Assessment and evaluation are done on a case-to-case basis, and URLs that make the cut are usually featured within a week's time. Thank you so much for your interest, and have a great read! 

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While directory listings are considered by some to be an old-school way of linking, they remain a vital part of search engine optimization. Teecup Limited is a fairly new website, and being listed in directories is one of the quickest ways:

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